i love this: thompkins square park

thompkins square park by sarah adler

1. where in new york is this?

thompkins square park in alphabet city

2. what’s your favorite memory here?
it would be impossible to choose just one instance of note in thompkins, as I have had many memorable experiences here, but I’d say hanging around the dog park – whether with my dog, ee-mah, or just with friends in the days before having a pup of my own, watching animals interact is always a great backdrop to a beautiful day at the park.

3. when is the best time to go?
spring and summer are always best for walking outdoors but nothing is better than being outside on the warmer days of winter when the sky and the scenery is both dark and light.

4. if you could take anyone in the world here who would it be?
i take my dog almost every day but Ive also brought many friends for ice cream or pizza and an afternoon at thompkins, but I think it would be a great place for a picnic date with the right person.


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