i love this: subway under construction

the subway under construction by tommy mathew

1. where in new york is this?
this particular picture is from the bedford-nostrand stop on the G train, but the great thing is this can happen anywhere.

2. what’s your favorite memory here?
each time i encounter i like it just as much. when the mta shines a light into the darkness, or actually rows of lights, and illuminates the tunnels it makes the commute seem more like an amusement park ride. it’s especially nice when the train slows down while there are rows of construction lights up and you can see into the subway. life in new york moves so quickly so it’s nice to be able to slow down and see the big picture of things.

3. when is the best time to go?
it can be unpredictable, but your best chances of encountering it are whenever you’re taking the subway and need to be somewhere at a certain time, because then the subway is probably undergoing construction and you’ll be late.

4. if you could take anyone in the world here who would it be?
no one. just a a nice pair of headphones, music, and a good book from which you can look up to see the wonders.


i love this: central park

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