i love this: jing fong dim sum

jing fong dim sum by kristopher whitman

1. Where in New York is this?

Jing Fong dim sum.

18 Elizabeth Street, Chinatown.

2. What’s your favorite memory here?

Having brunch with my friends (great for hangovers).

This place is HUUUUUUGE. The room seats like 500, no joke.
There are about 50 steaming dim-sum carts being steered around by women in
apricot aprons.

The Maitre D’s are dressed in butter cream tuxedo jackets who’s polyester
lapels gleam under the massive chandeliers.

My friend, who speaks fluent Mandarin ordered for the table. Our waitress
called him “pretty boy”.

But don’t be fooled, these ladies mean business. When it’s time to go, they
will let you know.

3. When is the best time to go?

When you wake-up late on the weekend and need something delicious and fried.

I highly recommend the puff rice noodle w/ BBQ beef or the turnip cake.

4. If you could take anyone in the world here who would it be?

Parker Posey, who else?!

I have been obsessed with her ever since I saw “Party Girl” as a teenager

(still in my top 10).

Dim sum with her would be a Ri-Ot!


rest in peace, alexander mcqueen

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