i love this: falai panetteria

falai panetteria by chantal chadwick

1. where in new york is this?
Falai Panetteria, corner of Clinton and Rivington, Lower East Side. Falai was my first experience after moving to New York in understanding what it means to be a “regular”. One thing I especially admire about this city is the sense of community despite the vastness and chaos and a perfect example is the relationships I have with the people who serve me coffee daily. I have since moved on to frequenting El Beit in Williamsburg and The Smile on Bond but Falai will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. what’s your favorite memory here?
I walked in late one night to buy some pastries, met a boy, and fell in love… with the pastries.

3. when is the best time to go?
Early morning. Get the yogurt and fruit with slivered almonds and an espresso and then watch the Lower East Side transform from the inside out. If you are lucky you may spot a man on a motorized wheelchair cruising through traffic wearing full-on biker gear blaring Dominican music from a boombox. Killer.

4. if you could take anyone in the world here who would it be?
I thought about this one for far too long which means I’d probably be better off alone.


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