i love this: chick-fil-a

chick-fil-a by joseph audeh

1. where in new york is this?

chick-fil-a.  apparently it’s the only one in new york.  it’s at one of our dining halls at nyu (waverly pl. and university pl.) which means i can use my meal plan for it!!  the beauty of it is that you don’t actually have to be a student to buy their delicious food :]]

2. what’s your favorite memory here?

i guess it would have to be anytime i have eaten here around midnight before pulling an all-nighter in the library. it’s the best fuel for the mind.

3. when is the best time to go?

not on Sunday because they’re closed!!

4. if you could take anyone in the world here who would it be?

i would probably have to take laia garcia, friend and co-worker at oak.  we both agree it brings us back to our childhood….this is by far our dream date 😉



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