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asher levine, a hot and cool new york based designer fresh on the scene give Dazed and Confused a piece of his mind….

Asher Levine didn’t just wake up one day, knowing his calling in life was to design gorgeous outfits. No, he travelled the long and hard way by joining up with a Florida state sewing community club. With them he criss-crossed the state and to be judged on his sewing, fabric selection and construction in fashion competitions. This enthusiastic approach to learning have paid off, and Levine – after several years in the business as a stylist – have now set up his own eponymous label and is making waves on New York’s fashion circuit. Dazed spoke to him about his latest collection…

How old are you?


How long have you been designing?

I began designing after I took a sewing class when I was ten.

Where are you from?

Port Charlotte, Florida, US.

Where are you based?

New York City.

What inspires you at the moment?

Atomic fusion and particle collisions. I am keeping a close eye on the CERN laboratories and their experiments with subatomic matter. Deep water giant isopods. The Human Centipede movie. My artist friends Kenny Scharf and Scott Ewalt. Conjoined organisms. I thrive on the challenge of using this inspiration, both appealing and grotesque, and interpreting it into beautiful clothes.

What is your current collection about?

I wanted to merge structure with fluidity. I cropped my leather jackets higher which makes the silhouette taller and sexier. When you enhance that structure with draped pieces, the fusion of the two extremes creates a beautiful image. With this collection, I offer men a muted masculine dress and skirt style that works perfectly with the leather jackets. For the denim, I give you the option of an edgier look with volume around the shin, but if you want a more subtle gathered look, just snap the drape into place. I also am obsessed with using many animal skins, especially in one piece. The vest I designed uses fox, broadtail, and emu.

Tell us about the shoes…

For the shoes I collaborated with LA-based designer Franc Fernandez (who designs for Lady Gaga and Beyonce) because he is a perfectionist when it comes to geometry and structure. I literally sent him ostrich and emu legs with alligator hide in a box and I said “work it out,” and the shoes elevated my collection to the next level. I’ve also been reading that women want to wear many of the collection’s styles as well, and I say, “go for it!”

What was your favourite outfit from your youth?

When the gym became dull to me, I designed a line of spandex bodysuits to make the experience more exciting…and definitely sexier.

What are your plans now?

I am working on my Spring/Summer 2011 collection as well as a few experimental projects that I know you’ll love! Check out to stay updated.

Can we buy your collection anywhere? If so, where?

The Asher Levine Fall 2010 collection will be available at Oak this September.

Asher Levine Fall/Winter 2010 from Asher Levine on Vimeo.


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