GO: Kindness at Le Poisson Rouge

What does the future of music sound like? Ask Kindness. You’ll find disco funk with a big-hearted vibrancy that blows it beyond the “lo-fi electro-pop” label – this is not music for your bedroom, it’s for the dance floor. And tomorrow night marks the New York debut for the London-based band.

The brains behind the band is Adam Bainbridge, who’s demonstrated a deft hand for aesthetics and meticulous quality in everything from Kindness’ packaging to delightfully cheeky music videos that upend conventions. Check out House, where Adam ruminates on the state of pop music, teaches a school boy to play alongside him on the drum machine, and ends up in playful dance off. In the equally clever Gee Up, Adam and his band abandon the video half way through and the cameras are pulled back to a reveal a deadpan, behind-the-scenes mockumentary of the shoot.

Of course, Kindness is best experienced in person. They blew up SXSW this year with a backing seven-piece band that swayed the crowd with infectiously danceable grooves. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for New York.  Adam was kind enough to speak with us digitally on what he loves about New York:

Hi! Could you please state your name and occupation:

adam bainbridge, british ambassador in training

What is your present state of mind?


How would you describe your music in six words?

like an older sibling’s cassette tape

The Cyan video has got you traipsing all over New York over the course of an aimless afternoon; we gather you’ve seen quite a bit of our fair city. When in town do you have any favorite spots to relax or just people watch?

scrabble in washington square park, meeting at ps1, beat street before it sadly shut up shop

What are you listening to right now, this very second as type your answer?

the sound of rushing air flowing along the fuselage of this delightful boeing 747. that and the weird suction flush from the toilet i am sat next to

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

george costanza

What is your most worn article of clothing?

i had my coat stolen on new years eve. at this moment in time it was one of only two coats i own. for that reason, i have had to wear the same raincoat continuously for the last 5 months. i am thinking of moving somewhere warm enough that i never have to wear it again.

Coffee or tea?

both, served simultaneously at breakfast.

Kindness plays FIXED at Le Poisson Rogue on Thursday the 17th, with Tezeo and of course, JDH and Dave P. Door at 10pm; 21+. Tickets ($15) are available at Oak Bond Street and Williamsburg.

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