get to know: tim hamilton

hailing from iowa and originally holding down design stints at ralph lauren and j.crew, tim hamilton soon after launched his eponymous menswear label in the fall of 2007, womenswear in autumn of 2009 and his contemporary line, redux, in spring of 2010. having won the cfda/swarovski award for emerging menswear designer in 2009 and now showing his mainline mens collection in paris, his star has definitely been on the rise. when he started he was known for his take on all-american sportswear but his mainline collection has grown more directional and expanded its references since then. redux goes back to his roots but presents an updated and younger outlook – we had a chance to have a brief chat with him about redux and its influences. check it out below:

OAK: Do you have a different client in mind when designing redux?
TH: Yes and No. I think it’s the client I started with in the beginning but it seems that it has also reached a wider audience.

OAK: And how do you treat it separately from the mainline collection, if at all?
TH: I do treat it differently. since it’s all made in Japan the fabrics and made are bit different and more textured, with unique details.

OAK: Where did the tar covered Dr. Marten’s from the AW10 presentation with embedded Swarovski crystals concept arrive from?
TH: An artist friend was playing with different treatments on his paintings and showed me something I could do.

OAK: Do you have plans to offer shoes featured in redux presentations for sale?
TH: one day, we hope.

OAK: Do you have any favorite pieces from the most recent redux collection? If so, what are they?
TH: I like the updated sweatshirts, amongst others.

OAK: Does british youth culture influence redux in the same way that it does the mainline collection? There seems to be a pull between that and American sportswear references, especially more recently. Could you speak on this?
TH: I think it’s a combination of all city-sorts of life. Doesn’t really rely on one particular city. For example, we have some outerwear styles made in a contemporary way that could read from an american reference but you could see a Londoner easily wearing.

OAK: We certainly like redux as it is, but do you plan on introducing more tailored elements to the collection? What do you have in mind for the next collection?
TH: I think i’d like to establish more of what the redux uniform is. We have more interesting tailoring coming in for SS11.

OAK: Was it an easy decision to source fabrics and produce redux in Japan as well? I know we, and our customers have greatly appreciated it and the quality is easily apparent.
TH: Yes, Japan is great with fabrication and finish. I’ve always loved what comes out of Japan and I wanted to highlight more of their craftsmanship rather than denim and washing; what you normally see.

OAK: What music have you been listening to lately?
TH: I like Porcelain, also Mismerizer and my old intern sent me some Die Antwoord which I think is hilarious.

OAK: Will you be showing Redux in NY during fashion week? Having attended your recent presentations in the city, we hope so!
TH: We hope too as well. We will keep you posted on it for sure.

OAK: Anything else you’d like to say?
TH: I wish, I’m so busy these day so if anyone wants to come help me or bring me tea let me know.

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