Last week three of the five members of The Morning After Girls dropped by OAK headquarters in Greenpoint to talk a bit about their newest release, Alone, and give some of our favorite Fall staples a test ride. For the uninitiated, The Morning After Girls are a (currently) New York-based band whose exquisitely-wrought, hauntingly lovely music melds psychedelia, shoegaze, and dream pop with black-leather-clad rock ‘n roll cool. Many bands these days only scratch at the surface, but The Morning After Girls are tapped into something expansive and holy; their work so multi-dimensional and cohesive that it is a distinct aural world unto itself. Full of swirling reverb and spectral vocals, the songs are awash in light at even the darkest moments. Picture in your mind’s eye sitting alone under the light-dappled sky after a heavy rain — the world glowing supernaturally under electric grey light  —  and you have an idea of what Alone is like. Recorded in a refurbished church in Australia, its cavernous sound and shimmering heights channel the sad — yet divine — wistfulness in wanting to connect to something larger than yourself. The Morning After Girls are easily one of the best bands in New York right now, and are sure to be an iPod staple if you’ve ever gotten into the whole Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown, BRMC vibe (in fact, they’ve toured with the latter two).

The brainchild of Aussie singer/guitarists Sacha Lucashenko and Martin B. Sleeman, The Morning After Girls have existed in various iterations (with Lucashenko and Sleeman the only constants) since their beginnings in Australia in 2003. In 2008, Lucashenko and Sleeman moved to New York  and were joined by Alexander White and EJ Hagen, the duo behind New York shoegaze outfit Highspire, as well as drummer Anthony Johnson. Currently on a national tour in promotion of Alone, Lucashenko, Sleeman, and White talked to us about their life and times in New York. Check out their video and their OAK picks for this season below.

Photographer: Bek Andersen

Stylist: Stephanie Niedospial


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