get to know: the cobra snake x boy london

Oak Boy London Cobra Snake Pin

Oak Boy London Cobra Snake tank

Oak Boy London Cobra Snake tank

Oak Boy London Cobra Snake tee

Oak Boy London Cobra Snake tee

oak cobrasnake boy london mesh top

oak cobrasnake boy london mesh top

Boy London, the favorite brand of party boys (and girls) since Boy George ruled the airwaves has teamed up with our favorite party shutterbug The Cobrasnake for the black and white graphic tees that will be spotted on the coolest kids both sides of the pond all summer long. When The Cobrasnake Mark Hunter first met Boy London mastermind Stephane Raynor through a mutual friend, the two had a “heated discussion which I can’t really talk about”, and, as Hunter continues, “the rest is history.” We can only imagine what was said, but fast forward to May 2011 and the Boy London x The Cobrasnake collaboration, available exclusively at OAK, Colette, and The Cobra Shop, can claim Samantha Ronson as its face and some of the coolest 90s-revival pieces we’ve seen in a while as its collection. Comprised of tees, tanks, cropped football jerseys, and baby doll tees, the shirts are emblazoned with both the iconic Boy London logo and The Cobrasnake logo so wearers can choose which side they want to wear front or back depending on mood or location. We spoke a bit with The Cobrasnake Mark Hunter about the details of this unexpectedly perfect collaboration.

OAK: The commonalities between Boy London and The Cobrasnake aren’t immediately apparent but when you think about it it makes perfect sense. What made this a natural collaboration for you?

The Cobra Snake: It probably makes sense due to the fact that Stephane and myself would be considered to be unorthodox, eccentric, party hardy, tee shirt lovin’ shrewd business men.

OAK: How did this collaboration come about in the first place? Who contacted who?

TCS: I was in London visiting my good pal Moni Haworth (who is an awesome photographer). She mentioned that she was friendly with Stephane and that he had a crazy Vintage store called Sick. Being an owner of a Vintage store myself and also a huge Boy London fan, I had to check it out. The two of us had a heated discussion which I can’t really talk about and the rest is history.

What about the Boy London brand and culture did you connect to and want to be a part of? On the flipside, what do you bring to the Boy London brand that they were missing?

TCS: What I connect the most with was how logo heavy it is. It seems like for a few years now, fashion people have been all minimal and anti label and I never really celebrated that, I was always loud and in your face in the way I dress. What I hope to bring to this brand is revival, a youthful breath of fresh air. It surprised me that a lot of kids haven’t heard of the brand so I wanted to bring it to Generation Y or whatever they are calling the internet kids these days.

OAK: What were the creative inspirations behind this collection? You can list them off freeform.

TCS: I wanted it to be like a lazy carefree yet tough LA kid meets a crazy London Party kid.

OAK: Did you design the shirts with anyone in mind? If so, who? It could be a specific person or an idea of a person.

TCS: I just thought of all my friends and all the kids I photograph and just pictured them in the tees. There is always gonna be a nostalgic fashion type who will want the classic Boy logo on the front and there will also be a bro or cool young party kid who would like to rep The Cobrasnake on the front so I thought it would be cool to let people choose. My gay Sherpa, Jonny Makeup also helped with the design aspect and really pushed for the 90’s Baby Doll Tee and the Mesh Crop Top.

OAK: Why was Samantha Ronson chosen as the face of this collaboration? Was there anyone else in the running?

TCS: We wanted someone who was very Los Angeles based yet someone who was different from the models featured in The Cobra Shop or the site. Someone more tough and carefree. Samantha has been a long time friend of mine and I recently saw her DJ an event and the light bulb went off and knew she was the one. I was really stoked that she obliged and I’m really happy with the photos if I do say so myself!

OAK: These shirts are currently stocked in only three places. What is the reason behind this exclusive run?

TCS: We only made a few hundred and all the stores that were able to sell this small run are all ran by friends of ours.

OAK: What do you think these shirts say about the wearer?

Wicked Beauty

OAK: Who is someone you would love to see in one of these shirts?

TCS: America’s Next Top It-Girl.

OAK: Create a five song Boy London x The Cobrasnake setlist exclusively for OAK.

-”Boys Boys Boys”, Lady Gaga
-”Boys”, Mary Jane Girls
-”Nasty Boys”, Janet Jackson
-”Boys on The Radio”, Hole
-”Wild Boys”, Duran Duran
-”Star Bellied Boy”- Bikini Kill

and anything from Samantha Ronson’s album thats about to come out soon!

OAK:Make up your own questions and answer it.

TCS: Q:Is this the last we will hear of Boy London x The Cobra Snake?

A:NO! I’m not gonna stop till we have a Boy London The Cobrasnake runway show!!

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