The leaves are turning color, the air is getting colder, and a giant three-day sonic + visual tsunami is heading New York’s way. You’ve got it folks: it’s CMJ time again, and we’re gearing up for what should be our best party yet. Together with JDH and Dave P the duo behind FIXED (a.k.a one of New York’s coolest dance parties), OAK is hosting Teengirl Fantasy, Lemonade, Chad Valley, and Radio People for a night of electronic bliss, dancing, and booze (Reyka vodka open bar from 9-10 pm.) Advance tickets are now available at OAK Bond (28 Bond St) and OAK Williamsburg (208 North 8th) for $10. Wednesday October 19th at Public Assembly (70 N. 6th Street) 9 pm. 21+ with ID. $15 day of the show.

As we lead up to the big day, check in at the OAK blog for exclusive artist interviews and a diary  + mix tape from Dave P.  Today we talk with Samuel Goldberg, the man behind Radio People, about spirit animals, vices, and mood music.

What is your spirit animal?

I took an online test once and found out that I am a crow. It’s not a very cool animal to be at all, such a bummer. Would rather be a pigeon, honestly.

What do you listen to really loudly when no one else is around?

I have no CD or tape player in my car, so my mind has become thoroughly brainwashed by modern FM radio. It’s gotten so bad that I crank it when Katy Perry comes on.

Last coolest discovery?

ZZ Top

If two musicians had a baby (you) who would your parents be?

Joe Cocker and Roedelius.

Your vice?


Song that gets you in the mood…this can be any mood.

Michael Jackson “Human Nature.” I listen to that song every morning when I wake up.

Beach, woods or mountains? Why?

The beach — the Summer is my season.