As we get ready for our CMJ showcase with Fixed tomorrow at Public Assembly, we’re getting to know the people behind the bill. Today we have our favorite Brooklyn-via-San Francisco electronic dance trio Lemonade up at bat. Below front man Callan Clendenim on the gem room at the Natural History Museum, Science Daily, and the ocean.

What is your spirit animal?

Alex is Lemonade’s spirit animal.

Best gig you ever played? Why?

Primavera Sound in Barcelona was my favorite gig because I had a cordless mic and took off my shoes for “Blissout” and thousands of people had their hands in the air, but I also really loved playing a small lodge in Big Sur about 4 years ago when I taunted people with driftwood sticks that I collected on the beach and everyone went mental. Things were different then, it was all confrontational spiritual energy and people in the audience used to always grab our drums and start banging on them. Now we write “songs” 😉

What do you listen to really loudly when no one else is around?

Armin van Buuren featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor “Not Giving Up on Love” (extended mix) still really pumps when I am waiting for a train drunk and feeling emotional

Where do you go to in NYC for inspiration?

The gem room in the Natural History Museum recently helped me clear my head a bit so I could write some lyrics. Everything is carpeted and the crystals are lit from beneath so it kinda feels conceptually like being inside a jewelry box. I may not like jewelry boxes in real life, but it’s a clean and soothing place to be.

Last coolest discovery?

Just look at Science Daily. It never fails to take my mind away from my worthless ego.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Ignore everyone and avoid small talk

If two musicians had a baby (you) who would your parents be?

I would like to say Damo Suzuki and Chris Isaak, but that makes me sound conceited.

Beach, woods or mountains? Why?

The ocean is the only thing that makes me feel inner peace, and swimming in it is renewal. No matter where I am traveling, I am usually just trying to get to the beach as my final destination.