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This thursday at Oak Williamsburg, locals Golden Triangle are throwing down at our party with CMRTYZ.
Golden Triangle comprises of vocalists Vashti Windish and Carly Rabalais, guitarists O.J. San Felipe and Cameron Michel, bassist Alix Brown, and drummer Jay High. Coming from Brooklyn, Atlanta, Austin, and Memphis, this round-up of talent has been known for putting out psyche / garage rock and getting back a crowd of into it kids that know what’s up!
While all past recordings are sold out, 2010 brought their new album, “Double Jointer” with collage art by Cameron and a 7” split with The Fresh & Onlys, both for sale on their website and at shows.
We had a chance to ask a few of them some questions recently and found out they are as rad as their music:

OAK: Your alternative choice for a band name was “strawberry handjob.” Was this a result of some sort of incident?

Carly: Literally.
OJ: I don’t think so- I think it was all a joke.

OAK: You guys come from so many different cities; do you have strong following in all of them?

C: It’s hard to say, I came from Austin. There are a lot of bands there.
OJ: Yeah it seems like lots of people come out to our shows in Atlanta/Memphis/Austin.
Vashti: But it’s stronger here I think!

OAK: How did you guys meet and come together?

V: A Karoake Bar
C: Friends of friends of work and friends of work and friends

OAK: What is your favorite touring city?

V: Montreal and New Orleans
C: Montreal and Monterrey
OJ: Kalamazoo and Little Rock

OAK: What’s the craziest show you’ve played?

V: The Death of Live Fast Die…I watched someone puke and get pulled
right back in to a crazy messy mosh pit…
C: Might have been our record release party at Monster Island. I believe
I may have gotten a mild concussion. Plus Raul [denieves] was there!
OJ: Don Pedros w/ Tunnel of Love or the Useless Magazine show at Passerby Gallery.

OAK: If you could collaborate with any musician/artist, who would it be?

C: DJ Screw (RIP)
OJ: Death Domain

OAK: Who is your favorite band to tour with?

V, OJ, and C (in unison): King Kahn and the Shrines and Quintron and Miss Pussycat!
C: A drum buddy and puppet show are all I need.

OAK: What are you listening to these days?

V: Moon Duo, Xray Eyeballs, Woven Bones, Michael Yonkers, Ooga Boogas, Wild Choir, Yma Sumac, Iggy and the Stooges
C: Tuxedomoon
OJ: The Mice and Ratas del Vaticano

OAK: How do you know the folks at CMRTYZ?

C: They know the nice people at our record label Hardly Art

OAK: What are the staples of your look?

V: Eyeliner
C: Thin-ass, worn as possible, comfy. Shoes are never comfy.
OJ: Leather jacket and jeans

OAK: What are some of your favorite summer spots in NYC?

V: Monster Island!
C: Monster Island for parties or on a blanket anywhere .
OJ: Fort Tilden Beach and Coney Island and being on a boat.

make sure you catch them this thursday at CMRTYZ IS A.OK.


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