get to know: dominic louis

we had a chance to ask emerging menswear designer louis mairone of dominic louis a few questions – check it out below:

oak: can you briefly introduce yourself?
Louis Maroine: My name is Louis Mairone and I was born and Raised in Philly and came to New York to attend the FIT menswear program. After graduation I moved on to work at the NYC based label DDCLAB. After about a year and a half I decided to move forward and I left to explore my options, ultimately deciding it was time to start my own brand, Dominic Louis.

oak: what is the concept of your brand and why did you start it?

LM: I wanted Dominic Louis to represent fashion in a edgy yet welcoming way. I wanted to create something intense but also approachable and refined. I felt it was time to give the power back to the client and wanted to make it available in a modern sense to both sexes. The unisex aspect is really about offering it to anyone who feels they can carry the brand. I wanted the clothes to represent a feeling of stature and confidence to all who may choose to wear them. The clothes are about a supernatural being. A modern superman if you will, and offering that mentality to my customer giving him or her the fresh and powerful mind that will drive they’re future success.

oak: what’s your favorite piece from the line? do you have any styling tips for that piece or others in the collection, for our readers?
LM: Of what OAK selected to carry this season I’d have to say the red mohair and lamb skin Warrior Shawl. It’s so easy to work into an existing wardrobe and really make a statement. To be super dramatic I’d leave it long and pair it with your favorite motorcycle jacket. For everyday it bussels shorter.

oak:what are the challenges faced by up and coming designers in new york?
LM: Knowing it’s “all on you” can be daunting. you have to be bold to take jumps now and baby steps later, not knowing what the future may hold.
I’ve babied my inner faith at times like these with positivity to get through each jump. Essentially its about taking “the plunge.”

oak: what’s next for you and the brand?
LM: I’ve Just shot my Look book for SS 2011 and will be moving forward with the concept into production. I’m always on the lookout for my next inspiration, next challenge, or next person who believes in the brand, collaboration, and young passion.

click here to see the dominic louis collection.


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