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For those of you outside of NY (and even some of you that are here too), we figured you may have a few question about the Pines and Fire Island, but luckily we’re here to help point you in the right direction. The Fire Island Community site has a nice FAQ that we thought we’d pass along. Stay tuned for more updates.

Where is Fire Island?
Fire Island is a barrier island located off the south shore of Long Island in New York. A sought-after summer destination, the island is comprised of several resort villages overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 820,865 people visit Fire Island beaches each summer.

How big is Fire Island?
The island spans 32 miles in length and averages less than a mile in width. The majority of the Island is a protected environment and therefore will remain undeveloped. Fire Island’s parkland includes the Fire Island National Seashore, Smith Point County Park, and Robert Moses State Park.

Is it true that there are no cars allowed on the island?
There are no paved roads on Fire Island and only service and emergency vehicles are allowed on the island. Free of cars, traffic, pollution, and noise Fire Island offers a peaceful getaway unlike any other vacation destination. This time-honored practice adds to the island’s eternal charm and encourages a back-to-basics mentality. Walking, biking, and golf-carting are the modes of transportation and help to preserve our island’s natural beauty.

If no cars are allowed, how do I get to Fire Island?
Fire Island villages are accessible by shuttle ferries departing from Patchogue, Sayville, and Bay Shore in Long Island, NY. In addition, Fire Island beaches are reachable by water taxi and private boat.

images courtesy of the New York Times.


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