GAG! Anniversary Party at Metropolitan

Gag! celebrates eight years of moody synths, outlandish costume parties, drag queens, and wasted youth this Saturday. Resident DJ’s Cameron Cooper and Zach Cole started the party in 2003 when they found themselves burnt out on New York’s pop-heavy gay scene and “gagging” at over-played songs. Craving a darker, more obscure soundtrack for dancing, they found a home at Metropolitan, and their blend of new wave, disco-ish cuts, and dance goth quickly gained a cult-like following. Saturday’s affair features visuals from videomixx, guest DJ Michael Magnan, and a live performance by House of Ladosha plus party favors by FCKNLZ. Cameron reflects on the past eight years and how to recover from a night of dancing:

How would you describe Gag! using just six words?

Gay weird sexy drunk fun GAG!

How has the party evolved since you started it?

It keeps bigger and better with more people involved. We started with two turntables and records. Since then we’ve done installation at the Museum of Art and Design, and a party on Fire Island and on Saturday, we will have our first ever live performance with The House of Ladosha. Plus videos, t-shirts, CD compilations, and an ever-changing GAG! sign.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the nightlife scene?

Nightlife has become too homogenized and boring. The focus is about money but I suppose that’s all of New York and this country. Some would say bottle service has killed night life. I just feel that it lacks the creativity and fun it once had.

However I still get my kicks at the right party.

What’s your soundtrack before you go out to play?

Loud upbeat house, techno, dance industrial – anything to wake me up and get me out the door.

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday after Gag!?

In bed or possibly brunch if I can move. Or I lay on the couch and order brunch and watch a ton of movies.

What is your motto?

Always change your look. Never be a character of yourself.

Gag! Anniversary Party – Metropolitan (559 Lorimer St): 10 PM – 4 AM, Open Vodka Bar 10-11 PM. Photos courtesy of Zana Bayne.

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