Full Moon Festival : Positive Vibes Only

photo: Sherrie Daniels

I had the opportunity to experience The Full Moon Festival this year but before heading over to Governors Island, Oak had the pleasure of joining The Electric Circus family with Host Gito, Hannah Sider and adesuwa along with a bunch of other beautiful people for the #Passtheauxsocial Party Bus. This was my first time attending any Full Moon Festivities and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our two hour bus journey began with Host Gito pumping up everyone and making sure no one was without a drink while Hannah kept the music loud and consistent. Between the everyday chaos in new york traffic, to the overly crowded bus and the 15 conversations going on at once I was in for the ride of the summer.

Once we arrived at the festival the island was saturated with positive energy, love, beautiful smiles and of course great music. From the Main stage to the Disco Dome to the sandy beach and pass the artist section you can feel the vibrations of everyone’s energy coming to together to enjoy this euphoria of talented creative people expressing themselves through style, music and art.

The night was coming to end before you could even know it and all those fruity drinks were going straight through me. I was able to be captivated by amazing artist such as Vic Mensa, Abra and Kaleela. Now I just had to start preparing myself mentally for this journey back to my country aka Manhattan. Im signing out from yet another beautiful experience at a festival filled with color.

Write Up : Michael Bradley/@screwedkid
Photos: Desmond Sam/ @akidcalleddez