evil twin trunk show this tuesday on bond

A fresh new aussie line launches in the US this Tuesday September 8th from 6-9 at 28 bond street…

Altered morality aside, EVIL TWIN is true to definition – a carbon copy of Jodie (aka Jodes) Mckenzie’s take on fashion.
With platinum blonde hair and a habit of ring and wrist accessorising en masse, she’s always been a fan of a darker, dressier take on street style….but do you think she could find it outside of op shops and uber-pricy stores?
Nuh uh.
Surely she wasn’t the only girl out there who wanted cool, edgy but everyday-wearable clothes without the wanky-ness and big price tags?
Who’s not afraid of fashion that gets attention?
Fashion with a hard -don’t-f*ck-with-me edge-?
So with this only slightly selfish motive, she bided her time, and after studying fashion design for three years and designing for four, found she had enough resources and reputation to let the EVIL begin…..
And oh how it’s begun.
EVIL TWIN is all about left-of-centre everyday wear with a dash of avant garde.
Think grungy punk street styles with designer lines and glitzy, trashy 80’s influences and you’d almost be there. The pieces are fun and flashy and can be taken from AM to PM quicker than you can change from beat up cons to multi-inch platforms – wardrobe staples that make a statement…..and that statement is Yeah, I love to look good, but I don’t take this sh*t too seriously.

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fashion night out: oak april 77 this Thursday