EUC at St. Vitus

A tiny television faces a black-clad crowd from the center of a dark stage – static light crackling in unison with synth pops and hisses. While the ambient noise begins to take on a more familiar shape as a swelling bass line, so do the ominous images materializing on the screen. A video splices clips of haunting, sometimes violent, occult and B-movie pictures in pixelated black and white while a crunchy and damaged vision of vintage gothic synth-pop rises like a tide.

This was the scene the other week in the back room of Saint Vitus – Greenpoint’s newest heavy metal hangout/venue – where Electric Umbilical Cord (or EUC for those who are “short of breath”, as lead singer Wesley puts it) played a surprisingly uplifting set for their moody surroundings. The two-piece plowed through songs from their EP ‘The Prey’ (available on their Bandcamp page for free) as well as new tracks from a yet-to-be-titled LP. The set drifted from gloomy to upbeat, with the 90’s rave synths, at one point, finding perfect harmony with the flickering strobe lights. While EUC’s sound is rooted in another era, there is a dancier, more current side of the band that shines through on songs like “All That’s Left” – played with an energy as urgent as the flames consuming the house on the television. “Keep moving on,” Wes’ hypnotic chant cut through the Goodbye Horses synths – and moving on is exactly what EUC is doing by plugging their progressive realizations into the melancholic memories of yesterday. EUC’s live performance shrouds the audience in an optimal vision of darkness – one which leads the listener towards the light at the end of the tunnel.


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