Eric Yahnker at The Hole, NYC

LA based artist, Eric Yahnker’s show Virgin Birth ‘N’ Turf is open until the 13th of October at The Hole Gallery in NYC  and is a show that must be seen if you appreciate art with a sense of humor. Here are some photos we took the other day while visiting the show.

In the artist’s own words: “Virgin Birth ‘N’ Turf provides a mad lab where I get to swab the inner-cheek and place under a microscope a petri dish of the contemporary American experience in the shadow of another blisteringly contentious Presidential election, analyzing the gray matter and microorganisms which make us tick as well as the flesh-eating bacteria which plague us.

From celebrity politicians to real-life celebrity villains, race-baiting and birther-ism, faith and cultivation, zeal and apathy, enterprise and compassion, authenticity and existentialism, sex and patriotism, desecration of aptly-branded canned goods, and hot dishes with bad vices, I serve only to plumb the murky depths which lie below the surface, rather than hoist ideological flags or provide solutions.  In other words, I intend Virgin Birth ‘N’ Turf to revel in tragicomic frustration, laughing equally at as with its all-too-complex subject matter—as all good satire should.

Do yourself a favor and check out the show before it’s gone.

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