earith to oak

oak proudly welcomes eco-friendly new arrival Earith, a collection of easy cotton pieces perfect for summer and beyond…

Says the phillipines-born, former global, senior denim designer for Levis’:
“the line emerged 2 seasons ago, from a need to have a perfect tee. each tee has been draped to the body forming lines that expose, wrap and twist naturally, much like the primitive ways of the tribes of the phillipines.
color spectrums are derived from elements grown in the jungle. each piece having a character of its own, due to the hand stitched, embroidered and dyed element.”
this new season the line has grown into more of a collection, with beautiful dresses, short, skirts and jeans in 100% cotton jersey and rib as well as cotton gauze and denim. retaining the same natural elements, yet with a chicness, sophistication and ease of flattering fit that harkens back to early azzedine alaia! you have to see the pieces and try them on to understand.”

because the night: an oak staffer blogs for bruce

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