Dom, 13. Savannah, 16 By Lucas Michael


Shot in super8 and then transferred to video, ‘Dom, 13, Savannah, 16’ is a video portrait of two teenagers. By documenting their rooms, possessions, physical expressions and individual personalities the film captures their respective take on life while exploring the details of current technology and pop culture with a tension relating to the battlefield and time and memory reminiscent of the qualities of perfume.

“For my contribution to Art & Scent, I attempt to distill characteristics this edition’s theme may have in common with those of scent. To capture the evanescence of adolescence and the lingering temporality of perfume was the challenge. Filming with Super 8 was a way to distance the present the way perfume does it via its prowess to invoke everything mnemonic, the graininess of the stock a way to create visual smell. The protagonists express themselves with a mixture of assertiveness and shyness, both qualities I believe to be important in a perfume. Appearance, disappearance and reappearance…”
-Lucas Michael, 2010



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