By Michael Bradley

DAY 1:

I was so excited about getting away from all the cold and snow here in New York City and head on down to Austin Texas for SXSW so I could help out my friends over at The Source Magazine. My first night in town I attended a showcase featuring young up and coming artists. I got to spend my night really indulging in the performances and seeing what they all had to offer individually. It was refreshing to speak to artist like Phresher, who has a stage presence that could literally drag you from the back of the club all the way up to the front of the stage. You just wanted to know “Who is this guy?”

Later on I found out it’s more than just the music, but it’s about going after what you want and not letting anything stop you from seizing that opportunity.

“Confidence is everything no matter what even if your family doesn’t believe in you” says Phresher.

DAY 2:

I was sitting in a “Ride For Austin” (uber basically) on my way to have lunch with Apple Music thinking about how this week has been the most testing week of my life. From the cancelled flight due to the blizzard, to me missing my rescheduled flight, to having to catch another flight to Denver just so I can finally get here. I’ve survived my first night in SXSW. I couldn’t help but also think about how blessed I am even in the midst of all the craziness and Apple Music reminded me of that with the great food, drinks and amazing vibes and really gave me that down south vibe….Dang it feels good to be home.

I got to meet this beautiful Artist from New Zealand and talked briefly over a cigarette. When I had asked her what she represents as a artist she replied “I represent whatever you want with conviction…if you think it sounds good it does.”

Making New Friends:

DAY 3:
The Viceland team was amazing to me while at SXSW. I shared such good memories with this brand in such a positive way. From the dope party bus to the 1 AM Bounce Party in West Texas on this huge estate, and sick headlining showcases they definitely made my week.

The Lookz:

Day 4:

The world is never as big as we think it is. I was invited to come by and spend my evening with Belvedere Vodka and Noisey to enjoy some music and drinks. I was being introduced to one of the Belvedere reps and come to find out she was a client of mine from here in NYC. It was one of the most unexpected things to happen. Before I could even react she had beat me to the punch and screamed “Michael”?!?! We just laughed and hugged it in.

Before I could even blink SXSW was over and the weekend was coming to a end. I had such a magical week with such positive vibes I couldn’t believe it all happened so fast. This week has been a learning experience in so many ways I don’t know where to start. I do know that being persistent at goals and expectations and continuously believing in yourself and working towards whatever it is you’re after soon or later those strides will get stronger and stronger and eventually the pace will pick up and before you know it your passing your dreams by. I’m signing out and until next time SXSW.