countdown to the oak beach house

Since the 1960s, Fire Island Pines has been firmly entrenched in New York lore as a hallowed and hidden summertime playground for the city’s tastemakers. It’s a mythic place, only accessible by train and ferry, where the most uncompromising of urbanites can go to do the beach on their own terms. This means without sacrificing the creature comforts, or taste level, of city life. Next month, we’re opening up another location there entitled the Oak Beach house.

So how do we plan to do the Pines? “I think people will actually be slightly surprised at how we do the Pines” explains co-owner Louis Terline. “I don’t think it’s as antithetical to our ethos as everyone thinks it is.” Co-owner Jeff Madalena remarks “It’s a temporary store and the Pines are a very temporary place. The whole island shuts down after September so we want to provide people with an OAK-curated selection of lifestyle basics to last the entire summer.”

The store, which will open up in May and remain open for the entire summer, will provide discerning Pines summer visitors and residents with a wide array of minimalistic essentials for home, beach, daytime, nighttime, houseguesting, housewarming and everything in between.

Check back for more info. soon. We’re gonna do summer right.


it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing

coming soon to a.ok: the cobra snake x boy london