because the night: an oak staffer blogs for bruce

through the good fortune of good timing, good friends and a workplace that respects obsession, i took the evening off yesterday to commune with bruce springsteen and the e street band. at five pm i got the call that there was an extra ticket, by six i roped a fellow employee into covering my shift and headed uptown to catch the lirr. before leaving i fished a used oak bag out of recycle and wrote a request sign – racing in the street. the week before i made a promise to myself that the next time i caught a bruce show, i would be the one with the sign. and like that, i was.

everything had the epic urgency of springsteen to it. the good old days. before we made out it out of suburban long island, new jersey, whatever. seven to the taxi with a stranger concert goer in tow, our driver dropped us off on the outskirts of the arena grounds. a very earnest outing.

there are two wrist bands, one for general admission, the second gets you into the pit right before the stage. christie brinkley is there. i have my sign. “i’m going to try to make it to the front”, i announce. i don’t make it to front, but i get close. at one point i look back, and a burly, long haired-member of my party is unwitting having his hair caressed by two long island dames. two dudes lift me up during born to run, and i could swear that bruce and i make eye contact. my sign is taken away by security. the band never plays my song, but they do play incident at 57th street.

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