BBYMUTHA wears the OAK Twist Back Dress in Cement.
by Devon Ray
Photographs by Jennifer Orlowski

This past weekend BBYMUTHA hit the East Coast to play shows in NYC, Boston and CT. We caught up with the Tennessee-based rapper – who has been flooding Soundcloud with her EP’s and one off tracks for some time now – and frequent collaborator Joey LaBeija (who just dropped his debut album Shattered Dreams). Check out our interview with BBYMUTHA and shoot with the two artists below.

OAK: What has NY taught you so far?
BBYMUTHA: The world is bigger than Chattanooga [Tennessee]. The world is not that small.

OAK: Describe BBYMUTHA is three words.
BBYMUTHA: Slutty, smart, and cute.

OAK: What are three things you think about before and after you perform?
BBYMUTHA: Before: I have to pee, I hope I don’t fall, and I hope I don’t forget my words. After: Sometimes I cry, and that’s it.

Joey LaBeija wears the OAK Cargo Vest in Dusk. BBYMUTHA wears the OAK Cropped Panel Shirt in Denim.
OAK: What is the story behind the name BBYMUTHA?
BBYMUTHA: [This guy’s] side chick was talking shit about me on the internet, about how I ain’t shit but a baby mama and how I was never gonna do [anything with my life]. I kinda just like flipped that shit. Okay, [I’m a baby mama] but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m just a baby mama, but look at what a baby mama can do, like I’m a superhero. They way people look at baby mamas like, “Oh them bitches just sit at home, waiting for child support, trifling,” but I’m actually out here doing shit that bitches with kids be thinking that they can’t do.

BBYMUTHA wears the OAK LA Rebel Jacket in Dusk, OAK Twist Back Dress in Cement, and OAK Cargo Jumpsuit in White.
Joey LaBeija wears the OAK Cargo Vest in Dusk, and OAK Long Drop Shoulder Tee in Dragon.

OAK: When/How/Why did you start writing?
BBYMUTHA: I started writing in the 6th grade when this bitch was bullying me. This other girl said I shouldn’t be scared of her because she fucks herself with frozen hot-dogs. So, I made a poem about the bitch fucking herself with frozen hot-dogs and put it in her locker.

OAK: What lyric have you written that you hold closest to you?
BBYMUTHA: It’s not out yet but, “You could have been my third kid, You gave a bitch a third kid and left me hanging in the A. That’s why Khloe and TyTy mean everything, my redemption.”