2010 family album: chantal chadwick & spencer dennis

1. What are your names?
Spencer Dennis & Chantal Chadwick

2. What do you do?
S: Filmmaker / Editor / Occasional OAK Party Photographer
C: Co-own retail/gallery space End of Century. I also work the Sunday Brunch shift at OAK Bond

3. Where are you from?
S: Conceived in France, Born in Miami, Raised in Jersey (aka….Brooklyn)

4. What’s your favorite thing to do in NY during the Winter?
S: Eat fondue on a polar bear skin rug in front of a fireplace
C: host lengthy family dinners at my loft in greenpoint

5. What’s your favorite gift to give from Oak this season?
S: Eskuche Black Headphones
C: Chronicles of Never Burnt Red Skeleton Key Boot

6. What’s your favorite gift to get from Oak this season?
S: Would love the Unconditional Funnel Neck Coat
C: Alexander Wang Smoke Angela Small Pouchette


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