JK6 copyAdam wears the OAK Dashiki Popover + A.OK Leather Baseball Cap (back online soon)

Photographs by Jorge William Concha + Adam J. Kurtz

Our friend Adam J. Kurtz is getting ready to release his book 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion, and is giving us a look inside his Brooklyn apartment/studio in South Williamsburg. Each page of his book invites the reader to write, draw, reflect and express themselves, and it’s definitely worth checking out. You can pick up a copy of 1 Page at a Time in bookstores starting on October 7th, but Adam’s giving OAK an exclusive preview of what’s inside by answering some questions and filling out a few randomly selected pages for us.

OAK: My mom told me never to write in books. Why should I write in yours?

ADAM J. JURTZ: This isn’t a book. This is just paper. It won’t be a book unless you write in it. You’ll fill it with your past, present, and future, and then cross my name off the cover. Also, whatever, mom, you’re not the boss of me! I’m sixteen I can do what I want.

OAK: What is your favorite page(s) in the book?

AJK: One of my favorite pages is all black and says “JUST BE QUIET.” I like that mixed in 384 pages of prompts and activities there’s a page that doesn’t want anything at all from you. Your practice for that day is to just sit down and shut up. It’s good advice.

myownpages-pg161 A page from 1 Page at a Time, filled out by the author Adam J. Kurtz.

OAK: What do you like most about working out of your apartment?

AJK: It’s nice to always be near my supplies, so when an idea hits or I have an hour with nothing to do I can squeeze something in. It’s definitely easier for shipping orders since I can pack up a handful in the evening after work (or while I wait for take out to be delivered). I also like not paying rent on a studio space… I almost had a studio and backed out at the last minute. I’m not ready for double rent.

OAK: What do you like least about working out of your apartment?

AJK: Our living room is a workspace. Which is great, unless you want a living room. We can’t have parties anymore which is actually a real bummer because I love having parties. Boxes of product or supplies take over… last December I had 1,200 calendars in 9 boxes stacked everywhere.

OAK: What are you most looking forward to about the release of 1 Page at a Time?

AJK: On October 8th I am going to take a very long, deep breath, then let it out very slowly. I’ve been really anxious because the book is so personal. It’s full of my own mantras and ideas, and you know, if people hate the book then it’s obviously personal and I should take it to heart and let it ruin my life. The book also encourages a lot of online posting. Can’t wait to see what people do with their copies! The Portuguese edition is all over instagram with #1pagina, but I can’t read any of it. The release party on October 7th is going to be really amazing, some great people are involved and Brooklyn Brewery is sponsoring. I can’t wait to be surrounded by good people. There’s also an “author signing,” but if the whole book is handwritten, do I really need to sign it?

myownpages-pg54 A page from 1 Page at a Time, filled out by the author Adam J. Kurtz

OAK: What are you going to be for Halloween?

AJK: Sitting on the couch eating candy.

OAK: What are you working on/what do you hope to work on next?

AJK: I am working on products for two different brand collaborations, one an indie retailer that I love, and one a major brand that everyone knows and I am very excited for. I’m also personally launching a series of artist-designed party balloons soon, called FRIEND PARTY.

OAK: What do you like most about Fall in NYC?

AJK: The weather is perfect, you can dress however you want, the air is as crisp as it’s gonna get, I can breathe while I wait for the train, it’s hot enough for iced coffee but cold enough for hot coffee. I like options.

JK13 copyAdam wears the OAK Dashiki Popover.

OAK: What is your favorite song right now?

AJK: I can’t stop listening to Kimbra’s “Carolina,” her whole new album is perfect. Also still listening to the most recent Owen Pallett on repeat.

OAK: Ask yourself a question.

AJK: If you could be anything at all in life, what would that be? Asleep.

OAK: Tell us about your studio/apartment.

AJK: My roommate Chris Muccioli runs a quarterly 7″ record subscription called Singles Club, so together we built out the living room into a work & storage space. And then my bedroom wall is a massive inspiration space & I’ve got all this paper and shit under my bed.