OAK Approved: Noorman's Kil

There’s nothing in the world like some good old-fashioned whiskey and a gourmand grilled chevre sandwich (on crispy olive bread, with a touch of tart apricot jam) to help you wind down at the end of the day — something we at OAK didn’t know until, well, last night actually. Yesterday, post-work, three OAKers headed over to the brand new Williamsburg bar/future munchies landmark Noorman’s Kil (at 609 Grand Street off the Lorimer L) and confirmed what was already a sneaking suspicion: that the whiskey and grilled cheese pairing is basically PB&J and milk for adults. The brainchild of four former bar employees and whiskey/grilled cheese enthusiasts, Noorman’s Kil is filling the Williamsburg gap for a bar that stocks an extensive selection of whiskeys both standard (Jim Beam) and super rare (Yamazake 1984, Oban 18) — and, yes, a place solely devoted to the delicate art of the grilled cheese. “We have all these whiskeys that you would normally have to go to Park Slope or Tribeca or steak houses to get,” explained co-founder Marcel Simoneau as we sat in the spacious outside area sipping whiskey on wooden benches under a canape overgrown with grapes — serene in a Napa Valley way during happy hour, a great place for live shows and dance parties at night. ““The sandwiches are all new inventions. We’ll probably pair them with soup in the winter.” A saloon-style wainscoted space built by the guys themselves, Noorman’s Kil features quaint, old-Americana touches like a wooden bar which had a former life as the countertop of a candy shop in Amish county, medicine jar lights, a library stocked with books about whiskey and Brooklyn history, and vintage ephemera. The sandwiches are made primarily from locally-sourced ingredients and feature inventive, pathologically delicious pairings such as jalapeno jack, hot sauce, tomato, sour cream, and cilantro on sourdough (the Salona); and Connecticut ricotta, Nutella, and season fruit preserves by local jam-makers Anarchy in a Jar on sourdough (the Vernice.) If you’re not into whiskey there’s a great selection of beers, wines, and other spirits. If you haven’t developed your whisky palate yet (but would like to) there will be tastings so you can ease yourself into the wild and complex world of whiskey. So get on what’s going to be the next dynamic food/beverage duo in the vein of pizza and beer, PB&J and milk, green juice and kale salad (for our Vegan friends)… We left full, happy, and buzzed which is always a good thing.

We're into: Stephen Sprouse 1984

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